Featured Project #1

“What is education?” Edwin asked. “Calling red scarlet,” Hare-Lip sneered, then returned to the attack on  Granser. “My dad told me, an’ he got it from his dad afore he croaked,  that your wife was a Santa Rosan, an’ that she was sure no account. He  said she was a hash-slinger before the Red Death, though I don’t know  what a hash-slinger is. You can tell me, Edwin.” But Edwin shook his head in token of ignorance. “It is true, she was a waitress,” Granser acknowledged. “But she was a  good woman, and your mother was her daughter. Women were very scarce in  the days after the Plague. She was the only wife I could find, even if  she was a hash-slinger, as your father calls it. But it is not nice to