Employment Opportunities

ENGINEERING – Ohlin & Reed Consulting Engineers, Inc. – Civil Engineer – Structural (Akron, OH)

to perform structural analyses and design of building structures. Some travel required.

Masters Degree in Structural Engineering required.

Position Duties:   Perform structural analyses and design of building structures.  Candidate will work under the direction and supervision of our Professional Engineers (“PE”) who are licensed in the State of Ohio (and other states) and he or she will perform standard engineering work requiring application of standard techniques, and procedures.  Some travel req’d.  The minimum educational requirement for this position is a Master’s degree in Civil or Structural Engineering.

Minimum Requirements for the Position: Master of Science Degree in Structural Engineering. 

  • analyzing configurations of the basic structural components of a building or other structure;
  • calculating the pressures, stresses and strains that each component, such as a beam or lintel, will experience from other parts of the structure due to human use or environmental pressures such as weather or earthquakes;
  • considering the strength of various materials, e.g. timber, concrete, steel and brick, to see how their inclusion may necessitate a change of structural design;
  • liaising with other designers, including architects, to agree on safe designs and their fit with the aesthetic concept of the construction;
  • examining structures at risk of collapse and advising how to improve their structural integrity, such as recommending removal or repair of defective parts or rebuilding the entire structure;
  • making drawings, specifications and computer models of structures for building contractors;
  • working with geotechnical engineers to investigate ground conditions and analyze results of soil sample and in situ tests;
  • liaising with construction contractors to ensure that newly erected buildings are structurally sound;
  • applying structural knowledge of the forces that act on various structures;
  • using computers and computer design software as an aid to designing building structures
  • Licensure as a Professional Engineer (“PE”) not required for this position.

 Please send your resume to dreed@ohlinandreed.com for consideration.